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We get quiet a few emails each week asking for information; here are a few of the common ones.


Our Photographs and Content

We have a lot of inquiries regarding our photos. We take hundreds of photographs around the region’s events and in the towns and villages throughout Geelong, the Bellarine, Surf Coast and Great Ocean Road.  Many of event photos feature people ,vehicles or other items.  We are more than happy to make available  photographs for personal use. Drop us a line and we will endeavor to find the original scaled photograph and send it to you.  We will also remove any photograph that is requested due to privacy.

Intown has spent thousands of hours creating this site, vising events and the region. We ask that visitors respect our intellectual material especially our photographs.   We request anyone wanting to use any of our images for commercial use, business or organisation please seek permission off us first.  We are more than happy to grant permission, but we are very serious about protecting our intellectual material- lets face it, its not only the law, but its the right thing to do.

As well as the ethics and good manners involved, we can usually source a higher resolution or number variations from the images we have published on Intown.

I am helping to organise an Event in the region, can Intown help us spread the word?
Yes, Visit our Event Form section here.

Would the Intown guys like tickets to our event so they can take some pics and cover the event?
Thanks for asking, we would be more than grateful.

Can I book a stall at your event or market?
This would be our biggest question,  Sorry, we do not run any events or markets.  You need to contact the event or market organiser, if we have their contact details it will be published on this site with the listing.

Your social networking numbers look a bit lower than some others, some have tens of thousands more Why?
Like many things online, things are not always as they seem. There are many services where you can purchase hits, likes, friends or followers to make your stats look more impressive for only a few dollars. Intown does not believe in these methods, as they are of little benefit and misleading to our customers and visitors. These ‘purchased numbers’ are usually abandoned accounts or from owners who have no interest in sites/pages they have been subscribed to.

Intown first went online in 1998 and since then we have seen many sites come and go, many out to make a few quick bucks, with claims of reaching tens of 1000’s of visitors. Years ago it was all about huge hits, now it is huge social media numbers. Creating inflated or misleading figures has not been and will never be our policy. We at Intown we are here for the long haul and are more than happy with our honest numbers, even if they are lower than some other sites trying to emulate what we do best.

All our followers are genuine and have grown naturally through our continued work in building and maintaining our sites and our relationships with the people, businesses and events in our region plus the many more who we are trying to help attract to our great city.

Can you send me some brochures?
No, sorry we are just a web based service.

I bought something at your stall can I return it?
This is one of our biggest questions, and sorry we can’ t help, we are not that shop, market or stall.

Can you book me a room for next weekend at your hotel?
No we are not a lodging, but we have some pretty good deals for accommodation in the area with Ratestogo.

I’m looking for something but can’t find it?
Well if you are, there’s probably someone else looking for the same thing, so why not drop us a line and we will see if we can turn it into a bit of a story for visitors in the future. Also make sure you check out our search feature at the top of this page.

Can I list free on Intown
Yes, basic listings are free as long as you meet our criteria, like being in the local area or running a local tourist / leisure /entertainment service we will certainly consider it. Check our advertising section for more information.

Can I take out Advertising on Intown
Certainly. please drop us a line and we will come up with several options for you.

We are listed but the information is wrong, what can I do?
Just drop us a line here and we will make the changes.

Your site doesn’t include what i’m looking for
Just drop us a line here it might be something we can add to Intown at a later date.

How many photos have you got published, and what sort of camera do you use on Intown?
We hit the 10000 mark in early in 2014 and it is still growing. Check out our new galleries section and see some of our shots.  Over the years we have migrated from a 1 megapixel floppy disc camera that shot at 480 x 600 resolution. We have migrated up to a Sony a65 DSLR which shoots a 24 megapixel photo at a whopping 6000 x 4000 resolution. At times we use I-phone or a number of other smaller devices including a GoPro and simple hand held  $250 JVC digital video camera, see our You Tube .

Is Intown part of the Social Network
Yes you can find us on Facebook at  and Twitter at!/IntownGeelong we also publish photos to Instagram but they are of a general nature and not always Geelong focused find us at geelong_intown

Has Intown got a app for my Smartphone?
Yes- download our Free app at the iPhone App Store if you have a Apple Product like the iPhone, Touch or Ipad. Visit Google Play for our app suitable for Android devices or The Blackberry Playbook Store if you have one a Playbook.

How do I contact Intown
Easy – drop us an email, our postal address is PO 1360 Geelong 3220