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Our History

What was to become the Intown network started around 1995. When two local Geelong guys started to dabble with the internet. Our first effort was a small technology site that later went on to become Gizmo Highway, still one of our most popular sites. We had a bit of success with Gizmo Highway and it was featured on the BBC Television program ’Click Online’ . This brought us a whole new audience and gave us an idea of how big the fairly new internet might become.   Click Online.


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We played around with a few ideas for our next website.  A entertainment guide for Geelong sounded like a great  idea, although no one really had internet and if they did it was a awfully slow modem connection.  But it filled in spare time and in 1998 Intown was born. Using simple html code and a 640 x 480 resolution digital camera that cost $1500 we went about creating a fairly humble site.


Things started coming together and we found new technologies including Microsoft Front Page that was able to do some content management. The site began to grow and we expanded to become a tourism guide for Geelong and the region. We think a first for Geelong, back then things we know today just didn’t exist Google was barley 2 years old, a moving gif was about the best animation you could do and things like the smart phone were a decade away.


In 1999 the new Ford Discover Centre gave us a break, with us building some interactive touch screens for them and producing their website, which we ran until their close in 2012.  The Ford 75th Birthday Celebrations on Geelong watefront were another keystone moment for Intown, not only did we produce the event website but we received thousands of visitors looking at event photos on Intown.

We soon discovered events were a fantastic way to source visitors and keep the site fresh and vibrant. We joined forces with what was probably Geelong’s first dabble in television “Geelong Live” producing their website and helping with promotion.  We jumped on board with Geelong’s biggest events including New Year by the Pier and Pako Festa, producing their website and event photos for a couple of years and doing similar to the Geelong Supercats, that became decade long commitment.


During the mid 2000′s we dabbled in Radio producing, writing and presenting “The Motor Show” each Sunday evening on Local public radio station “The Pulse”


Moving to newer technologies we were able to refresh and bring new things to Intown and expand.  We also took time out to build and manage some websites for a number of customers around the Geelong region and start up a few new sites  and blogs of our own.

From 2010 to present much of our focus has been on growing Intown and promoting Geelong, a city we are passionate about and finding new ways of doing it.  In 2012 we launched Intown Mobile what was to become Geelong’s first mobile phone app available in  Iphone, Blackberry and Google’s Android.   We have moved with the times and are actively tweeting and blogging away on Social Media, finding an entirely new audience on Facebook, Twitter and Intagram.



2014 things are going from great to even better. Sure our much loved city of Geelong going through some transformations and there are a few rocky roads ahead, but rest assured there is a very bright future ahead, and Intown plans to be front and centre promoting this great place to all that will listen.



This year we are sponsoring the Kiwanis All Ford Day in what is the first of many sponsorship opportunities we are hoping to forge. Our new Intown Cat character has been launched,  and we have plenty more surprises installed – so stay tuned.