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Our Photographs and Content

We have a lot of inquiries regarding our photos. We take hundreds of photographs around the region’s events and in the towns and villages throughout Geelong, the Bellarine, Surf Coast and Great Ocean Road.  Many of event photos feature people ,vehicles or other items.  We are more than happy to make available  photographs for personal use. Drop us a line and we will endeavor to find the original scaled photograph and send it to you.  We will also remove any photograph that is requested due to privacy.

Intown has spent thousands of hours creating this site, vising events and the region. We ask that visitors respect our intellectual material especially our photographs.   We request anyone wanting to use any of our images for commercial use, business or organisation please seek permission off us first.  We are more than happy to grant permission, but we are very serious about protecting our intellectual material- lets face it, its not only the law, but its the right thing to do.

As well as the ethics and good manners involved, we can usually source a higher resolution or number variations from the images we have published on Intown.

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