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Kev’s Carpark Family Day

If you ever went out nightclubbing or had a big night on the town in Geelong during the 80’s or 90’s, chances are you probably ended up at Kev’s Caravan to ease the munchies before heading home for some much needed sleep.

Kev's Caravan

Long before the days of McDonald’s, kebabs and even the trusty 7-eleven pie, Kev’s was the best place for a feed. You could grab a juicy burger, some jam donuts, a dim sim or a can of cola to wash down the alcohol and end the night. Who could forget Kev’s signature burger the ‘recession burger’ great value and plenty of meat, onion, cheese and sauce, unfortunately most of it usually ended up on your fancy shirt with the last shooter or spilt Bundy and Coke from the Woolly, Geelong Hotel or Platinum.

Kev’s was found in the Mall before heading to the carpark in Malop Street where Westfield and Big W now stands. It later moved to Gheringhap Street beside the Courthouse before being sold up and having a very short stint in the Mall before being lost forever.

Over the years many friendships were forged in the carpark while waiting for the burgers, and quite a few relationships. So to celebrate there is going to be a huge get together at the St Albans Football Club in East Geelong this Sunday the 16th of September from 1:00pm to 4:00 PM.

Entry is a gold coin or if you are bringing a special vehicle $5. It will support the Gordon Students Support Fund. The day will feature plenty of great entertainment, a few special guests, ( I  wonder who? ) and a chance to meet up with some old friends.

Kevs Caravan

Admire some of the great cars and bikes the punters bring along, just like the good old days, and enjoy a burger or drink from the club’s canteen and bar.

See you Sunday