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2002 Pako Festa Gallery

The 2002 Pako Festa attracted thousands to a wonderful day of multiculturalism on Pakington Street West Geelong. This event is going from strength to strength each year and has cemented itself as one of Australia’s premier multicultural events.

Kicking off with the traditional parade which featured dozens of community groups parading in exotic costumes and beautiful national dress the sights and sounds were just dazzling. After some opening worlds from VIP’s and an amazing welcoming from the Wathurung People, our regions traditional land holders the fun continued with dance, song and music from many of the cultural groups performing on several stages throughout the precinct. Pakington Street took on a huge international food fest with dozens of cultural and community groups cooking up some of their national specialties. The only problem was knowing what to try first as the beautiful aromas were so tantalizing and food looked so good.