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2012 Irish Folk Festival Gallery

Thousands turned out to celebrate everything Irish at the Irish Folk Festival at St Patricks Primary School in West Geelong on Sunday the 18th of March. The day was full of plenty of fun with Irish Bands, great food and lots of rides and attractions for the whole family.

An amazing performance by the cast of Hairspray, some tricks from Dazzling Dan the Magic Man and the beautiful Irish sounds of the Mongolian Fishmongers were a few of the many entertainment highlights.

Guinness and cider were popular hand in the Irish bar while cullanary treats included Irish Stew, Potatos and a very tasty bbq, and the deserts were delicious. A teachers dunk, cyclone ride and jumping castle proved fun on the oval but he highlight of the day was the famous Leprechaun Drop on the main arena where a leprechaun was dropped from a cherry picker and a lucky winner won the prize if it landed on their designated sqaure.