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10 things about Geelong – Beer

The Geelong region is fast becoming known for quality beers and craft beers. We have a wonderful range of the golden liquid, here are ten of our favourites.
Geelong Local Beers
Mt Duneed Summer Ale
This delicious Summer Ale was introduced in late 2013 and won the people’s choice award at the Geelong Great Australian Beer Festival in February of 2014. The beer with a sweet almost passion fruit taste can be found on select taps around Geelong as well as at the Odyssey Tavern and Brewery on the Surf Coast Highway at Mount Duneed. A true supporter of real craft beers in our region.


Little Creatures – Furthy – a brand new Geelong  beer!
Little Creatures is the latest manufacturing and tourism success story for Geelong, and they have made a beer just for us. Called Furphy Refreshing Ale, it is named after the famous agricultural water tanker. The beer was released in July of 2014 and is available in draft form that will be appearing in local pubs around the Geelong region and of course at the brewery’s wonderful canteen. Little Creature’s 60 million dollar brewery in South Geelong is pumping out plenty of delicious beers. Furphy adds to the list of great brews that is clean and refreshing. Look out for it next time you order a beer..  Read More


Prickly Moses – Red Ale
The Prickly Moses Brewery at Otway Estate is tucked away in Barongarook, not far from Colac. Prickly Moses makes a great range of beers and our favourite is the delicious Prickly Moses Red. This beer is in the style of an Irish or even Celtic beer with a full body good malt and slight hint of dark roasted grains and sweet taste. The beer has a rich golden nearly red colour and is one to look out for. The beer can be often found in some of our better pubs, bars and bottle shops, and at the brewery. Also keep any eye out for Prickly Moses beer caravan at some of Geelong’s popular food festivals and events.


Lonsdale Lager
Bellarine Estate, located on the rolling hills of the Bellarine, is home to the Bellarine Brewery Co. This brewery began brewing back in 2007 and they now brew a suite of great beers, including a stout made with mussels. Our favourite of their range is the lovely Lonsdale Lager. This beer is easy to drink with a good body and light flavour. The beer can be bought at the brewery on the Portarlington Road at Bellarine or can be found at many of our great pubs, restaurants, bars and cafes. Look out for the yellow label with an old truck in the centre.


Metal Head
Metal Head is the first of three fantastic beers we are featuring from the Southern Bay Brewery. Southern Bay Brewery is located on the Point Henry peninsula in Moolap. The brewery has made some great inroads into the quality craft beer market in recent years. The Metal Head, like its label featuring a heavy metal band of robots, is a bit of fun, it’s got some strong malty tastes, some English hop bitterness but it’s really easy to drink. It’s a great beer that is sometimes hard to find around Geelong. It is very common in great craft beer venues around Melbourne, but Geelong seems to be a little slow catching on to this truly great local brew. Look out for it in some of the better bottle shops, bars and restaurants around the Geelong region.


Requiem Pilsner
Look out for this amazing Pilsner, this beer is proof our craft brew scene is up there with the best. The Requiem Pilsner is delicious and brewed by the Southern Bay Brewery at Point Henry. It is easy to drink and very similar to the classic pilseners you would expect to find from Europe. It has a lovely pale golden colour, soft malty flavours and just the right twinge of hops. Look out for the simple beige packaging next time you are looking for an exceptional lager / pilsner style beer.


Silver Top
Silver top is a supple malt beer with a refreshing and balanced taste that is brewed by the Forest Brewing Company deep in the Otways. The beer is pure, no preservatives, just brewed using the freshest ingredients and the crystal clear waters from the region. The beer has a delightful hoppy and yeasty smell and is best served ice cold when it produces a fluffy white head. The beer can be found in a range of quality stockists and restaurants throughout the south coast and from the Forrest Brewing Company’s bar in Forest.
Geelong Local Beers
Flying Brick Cider
Yes not really a beer, but well worth a mention is Leura Park Estates Flying Brick Cider. The cider comes in three varieties a pear, original and draught, our pick is the draught delicious. Made from juicy red apples the cider has a rich taste and good body. There are hints of honey and it nearly has a chardonnay taste. The cider delivers a 5.8 percent alcohol volume and has won some pretty impressive awards including a Bronze Award at the RASV Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards. Look out for the black cockatoo on the label with red text next time you are buying quality cider.


Hop Bazooka IPA
This beer sure has a taste kick; it’s got some great hoppy flavours and once tried will always be remembered. The Hop Bozooka IPA is another great product brewed with plenty of passion and hard work from the Southern Bay Brewery at Point Henry. One of the slogans for the beer is “Winning the war against bland beer terrorism”. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. It is probably not a beer to drink on all occasions, but if you want a delicious full flavoured beer with a strong blend of Citra, Galaxy and Stella hops and some robust barley malt, this is the beer. Give it a go, it is incredible.


Little Creatures Pale Ale
Little Creatures signature beer the Pale ale is now brewed right here in Geelong. For more than a decade this beer originating from Freemantle Western Australia, was regarded as the best beer coming out of the west. This beer is slowly brewed to give it a rich and complex flavour, with hints of citrus and even stone fruits. The beer is brewed and bottled without preservatives and after bottling left to yeast condition to give it a crisp mature taste. The Geelong brewed pale ale can be found all over the east coast of Australia.


NEWS:  There’s a new Geelong Brewery on the way- Stay tuned for details but Barrabool Hills Brewing Company will produce boutique beer styles from the hills just outside Geelong. Cockies Australian Pale Ale will be released August 2014.   Torquay is also getting in on the action with a brand new Brewery Pub called Blackman’s Brewery in Bell Street.

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