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Geelong – it’s in our hands

Here at Intown we usually don’t voice our opinions or get political but like a lot of others in the Geelong region we are fed up with our city being held back from the opportunity and prosperity it deserve by blockers, negativity and people who are not brave enough to take a chance in transforming Geelong into a world class second city, as our people so deserve.
Geelong has come a long way since it was proclaimed a township in 1838. We have lost some of our best men and women in wars, our town has battled through the depression, prospered through the  golden days of the wool and the automotive industries. We have rebuilt after the decline in manufacturing and the financial crashes of the 80’s and 90’s We have celebrated when the mighty Cats brought home the flag three years in six. We are supporting those transforming to new opportunities with the loss of some of our city’s biggest employers. We are welcoming new people as our city’s population boom continues and we are leading the way in world class innovation in science, medicine and education.

Intown has been promoting Geelong and its region since first coming on line in September of 1999 and since then we have seen the region grow and develop. We have also travelled around the world extensively and seen how some similar cities are facing similar challenges. Geelong has come along way, especially in the last five years but we have missed opportunities and not fought as one to make our city as vibrant and as good as she could be.

It is time for our city leaders to get behind this city, put their personal issues, infighting and political agendas to the side and serve the people of Geelong or move aside. This city deserves a council with positivity, one goal, “Geelong”, with a shared unified vision. Sure there will be and needs to be differences and opposing opinions, but working together dealing with the issues and reaching unity is the only way we can bring proper prosperity of our city.

Our “iconic” floating Christmas Tree is a perfect example of this childish infighting. The tree has drawn amazing attention to our city, our visitor hits on Intown prove this. The two lighting ceremonies alone received over 30,000 views each within 24 hours on our Facebook page. There is no doubt the tree is an expensive proposition and has cost hundreds of thousands of dollars more than expected. But instead of voting this tree down, the council should get together as one team and work out how to cut costs to make this an affordable and sustainable permanent feature on our event calendar bringing tourists and awareness to our city.

For those doubting the opportunities, take a quick trip to Melbourne and see the developments, the vibrancy and the investment. Geelong is missing out on so much, our city needs to get its ducks in a row and show we are open for business our leaders are working as one, with one mission, to lead Geelong into a great future.

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