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Geelong’s 10 Best Pub Meals

The Geelong pub scene has changed recently with many of the old favorites disappearing or transforming into new formats. But is is still easy to find a fantastic pub meal in Geelong, most of our pubs do great meals, these ten are only a sample of some of the best on offer.



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The Commun na Feine
The “Como” in East Geelong is well known as being one of Geelong’s best pubs for a meal. The pub features an extensive menu with plenty of choices including the old favourites and many modern dishes. Prices are great and the newly renovated dining room and bar area are very relaxing. Highlights on the menu include a delicious enchilada and spare ribs which are to die for.

Sir Charles Darling
The Sir Charles Darling is hidden away in Bellarine Street at the corner of Little Malop Street and is often overlooked by many people looking for a meal in Geelong. This pub is a hidden surprise with a great value menu and very tasty meals. The friendly bar has a TAB plus quite a few places to eat and there is a very comfortable dining room behind. The Darling features special nights including seafood night, parmi night, steak night and so on. Be sure to try their chicken burger and their delicious Thai beef salad and look out for their Guinness stew parmy, it has popped up on the specials board a few times during parmy night…. it has got to be the tastiest parmy ever made!

Geelong Pub Meals

Sir Charles Hotham
The Sir Charles Hotham on the corner of Brougham and Mercer Street is one of the last classic pubs, family ran with a great atmosphere, ice cold beer and good old fashion value. The fresh looking bar has a delicious menu which always includes some amazing value specials. The huge dining room behind the bar offers warm friendly service and a great choice of hearty meals including many old time favourites.

The Geelong Hotel

Formerly the Corio Hotel, Icon, Bended Elbow and just Bended the Geelong Hotel is one of the city’s best pubs for a fantastic meal. Not only do they have a tasty menu, the pub offers specialty nights including Tuesday nights’s Pizza night and a wonderful steak night on Thursdays. If you haven’t been in the venue for a while it has had a huge makeover, gone are the old world dark wood paneling, its been stripped back with a fresh modern bright and refreshing look.

The Yardz
The Yardz is on Church Street just before the Ballarat Road fork and is one of the region’s most popular venues for a pub meal, especially on Sunday night when they celebrate “Parmys of the World” with a very tasty selection of internationally inspired chicken parmys. The menu features some pretty tasty dishes and are all at a very reasonable price. The Yardz is the perfect place to enjoy a meal and a few ice cold beverages day or night.

The Belmont Hotel
The Belmont Hotel on High Street is one of the newer venues in Geelong. After a long period of renovations the pub now offers a brand new dining room and a very popular bar. The bar meals are great, with plenty of choices and all are at very reasonable prices. Like the sister pub the Yardz, the Belmont offers “Parmys of the World”, this time on Monday nights which has proved to be very popular, and they do some great burgers and plenty of other great more modern pub meals.

The Cremorne
Located on the Paris end of Pakington Street the Cremorne has long been a favorite for a pub meal. Food has become a little more sophisticated over the past few years with some more modern menu items. The highlight of there large menu is the impressive selection of parmys there are too many to mention but Nacho Man and the Mac n Cheese Parmy are two must tries- they are to die for, and they don’t make a bad salad either.

The Great Western
The Great Western on the corner of Aberdeen Street and Shannon Avenue has a great traditional bar menu at some of the best prices you will find in the Geelong region. There are all the favourites including steaks, schnitzel, fish and even old specialties like rissoles and crumbed snags, The Western always has a huge specials board and it’s pretty hard to go past their pie of the day; they are just delicious. The only problem with the Great Western is there is so many tasty choices and only enough room to fit in one tasty meal. The bar has huge dining facilities and there is also a large dining room for a more formal meal.


Geelong Pub Meals


The Sporting Globe 
The Sporting Globe is found in Ryrie Street opposite the Village Cinema and is often remembered as the Preston Hotel. Here this great sports bar has an American inspired menu with heaps of tasty items. There is a huge selection of burgers, wraps, chicken wings and steaks, with a menu that has a bit of a USA theme. Look out for their specials nights where you can get special deals on steak, pizza, burgers or other great menu items.

The Barwon Club

The Barwon Club at the river end of Moorabool Street has been known for its vibrant band scene but is also making a name for itself as a great food pub. There is a great menu with a good choice of burgers, salads, steaks and other tasty fare. The pub offers a ever changing specials blackboard and they even have a few specialty nights including Monday’s Parmi night. Parking is a breeze, there’s plenty of seating making it a great choice for that evening meal.


Lets make it 11…..The Valley Inn

Back in July we were very sad to see the end of the old Valley Inn and in particular its classic old favorites menu. But to our great delight the pub has reopened as the Valley and the menu although new and modern is pretty good. There are a great range of items including great value pizzas. The steaks and burgers are delicious and there is plenty of good choice.
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Ones we miss…..

The National Hotel
Sadly we lost “The Nash” a few years ago, which was a shame as they had a pretty unique dining option. On most pub menus you will find burgers, steak, a schnitzel and parmy and maybe even a fish dish; well not at the National Hotel in Moorabool Street, it offered something completely different. The Nash was home to the Inter-National noodle house and featured an amazing array of curries, rice dishes, noodles and what could only be described as Geelong’s best dim sim. You could eat in while sitting on the old couches or at a 50’s kitchen set, or even have take away…” RIP the Nash’ – Great news- after a huge redevelopment the National Hotel at the time of writing, is nearly ready to reopen, we await news of what the venue will be like.

The Carlton Hotel
The beautiful art deco Carlton Hotel in Malop Street i another classic no longer with us, closing in January 2016 to make way for a new development. The grand old  pub  dad a very tasty bar menu at great prices as well as an ever changing specials board on a mirror in the lounge.  For something a bit formal the pub also had a great  restaurant; with a wonderful menu and a quality feel.

The Bush Inn
Sadly we lost the Bush Inn in June of 2016,  The Bush Inn is tucked away in Corio Street behind the huge TAC centre. The Old Bushy was know for a great bar with some wonderful  pub favourites on the menu, including plenty of schnitzels, steaks, burgers and the like. The Bush Inn was one of the very few venues in Geelong with a beer garden and is a great place for a meal and beer in the sun on warmer days. The Bushie had a very cosy restaurant where you could relax and enjoy some beautiful meals and time with friends.  Update: the Inn as it is now known reopened in the last weekend of November 2016, we have not been to the venue so can not comment on its new theme or menu.


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Let us know your favorite pub meals in and around the Geelong Region on Facebook or Twitter @IntownGeelong


“I just love the parmi night at the Belmont Hotel on Monday’s” … Tom – Grovedale

“The Mexican parmi is sensational at Belmont” ….Belinda G

“Can’t beat the feed at the Great Western” … Jim

“The Elephant do a chicken snitz and beer night” .. Greg

The Yards is my pick for sure”  Cory

“Tuesday is parmy night at the dog” …Tony Belmont

“The Max”  ..Rachel

“Great nachos at the Edge” ..TJ

“I miss the Britannia Hotel”   … Sean

“Remember the dollar dazzlers …now you cant get a feed under 15 bucks” … Pete

“you never get a bad meal at the Commo…great value”  ..Jen

“I like the Sporting Globe but very busy” .. Andi K

“Little Creatures- best in Geelong!”   . Sammy

“The burgers are better at the dog” .. Al

“Can’t beat the commo for value”  Tony

“Im going to miss those Guinness Pies at Murphys”  – shane

Barking Dog’s Burgers- you cant beat em!  – Jay

Meatballs at the Great Western – Jim

Yep mac n cheese parmi at the Cremorne sensational- JW


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Let us know your favorite pub meals in and around the Geelong Region on Facebook or Twitter @IntownGeelong