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New Sculptures in Geelong

When people think of pieces of public art in Geelong they think of Jan Mitchell’s beautiful Waterfront Bollards or Mark Stoner’s the iconic shark fin like “North” standing at the bay end of Moorabool Street. But recently a series of new and exciting installations have been added to our city. Here are a few of our favorites.

One of the more unusual and cotroversial pieces of art has been the Mark Cuthbertson piece called Scouts. Looking a little like two scary alien like rabbits this striking artwork can be found on the corner of Litte Malop Street and La Trobe Terrace just down from St George’s Church.

Transsvaal Square just up from Fisherman’s Pier in Yarra Street is home to a very intersting grass and stainless steel artwork called the Grassy Knoll. This stunning piece has been created by artists Lani Fender and Damien Elderfield.

Me, Myself and Iphone created by Anne Anderson stands on the corner of Moorabool and Brougham Street staring blankly at the recently returned King Edward VII statue. It is said this scultpure brings was designed to explore the current generations dependance on technology and the impact it is having on normal social skills.

Located on the corner of Cunningham Street and Western Beach Road Rescue designed by artists Derek John and Julie Collins is a facinating work featuring red string and rusted panels representing seven ships symbolising seven continents being plucked from the sea in an act of rescue.

Outside Johnstone Park on the corner of Railway Terrace and Mercer Street is one of the most spectacular of the new city artworks. Called Sphere this piece was created by Lachlan Ross and when studied close looks it has incredible detail made up of little leave like designs.

Located out side St John of God Hospital in Moorabool Street is Infinity II, this spectacular stainless steel artwork is also created by Lachlan ross and has amazing detail in its ambersand like shape.