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St Mary’s of the Angles

With maybe the possible exception of the Kardinia Park light towers, St Mary’s Basilica is the most dominant structure on the Geelong skyline. Located on Yarra Street the bluestone Basilica has a magnificent spire reaching some 64 metres high, topped with a 4 metre golden cross.

St Marys Basilica

The Gothic Revival styled Roman Catholic Church was built in stages with the first opening in 1854, replacing a smaller church that stood on the site for a few years. Another building phase took place in 1871 but the towering spire was not built until 1937. There were actually plans for two other spires to be built at the front of the building but they have never been commissioned.


The basilica is incredible inside as it is outside featuring amazing stone buttresses, carved timber features and the most detailed and beautiful stained glass windows. This huge Basilica has room for 1000 worshippers making it one of the largest non-cathedrals in Australia.

[Map Popup name=”St. Mary of the Angels” street=”150 Yarra Street” location=”Geelong” phone=”03 5222 1977″ lat=”-38.15247558818874″ long=”144.3605723034157″]