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Barwon Heads Highlights

The ABC Seachange television program gave Barwon Heads huge exposure and was filmed in the area between 1998 and 2001. Since then the town has boomed with lots of development, a newly rejuvenated shopping strip and plenty of new residents. Fortunately though the town has kept its small town charm and more than ever is one of the jewels of the Geelong region.


Plenty of new dining experiences have popped up in town over recent years some of the favourites include Barwon Orange, The Beach House, Peppercorn Foods, and At the Heads situated on the pier overlooking the picturesque river and bluff. The Barwon Heads Hotel still offers fresh cold beer and a great meal. They also host some of Australia’s biggest bands during the year.

The Barwon River either side of the bridge offers good sheltered swimming while 13th beach behind the Bluff is one of the regions best surf beaches, with great waves. The river is a very popular place for canoes and kayaking and fishing is also a rewarding pastime along the river.

For those wanting to explore the great out doors and see some nature, Barwon Heads has some great walks. The Bluff is very popular this huge limestone outcrop has some spectacular views of the ocean and surrounding coastline all the way from Queenscliff to Lorne on a good clear day.

The river walk is also a very popular track, located near the bridge the track runs upstream towards Reedy Swamp and Lake Connewarre. You are bound to see some of the beautiful birdlife that use the waters including ducks, spoonbills, herons, pelicans and ibis.

The area around the Bluff is protected as the Barwon Bluff Marine Sanctuary. The rock pools and surrounding waters are homes to many unique creatures which are only found in this part of the world including rare shellfish, anemones, starfish, and Australia’s largest octopus. Offshore the park has huge kelp forests and plenty of reefs and crevices which are home to large fish and even sharks. The park is a popular place for rock pool exploring and snorkelling. Please remember this area is protected and rules and regulations are in place to protect this unique eco system for future generations. Parks Victoria can help with details on how to make your visit harm free.


Many of the visitors to Barwon Heads stay in the huge caravan park on the banks of the Barwon River protected by the bluff, but there are motels, apartments, houses for rent and some luxury bed and breakfasts which are very popular romantic getaways all year round. The town is a lot quieter than Ocean Grove over the river and offers a tranquil relaxing lifestyle, but only minutes away from many of the other great adventures along the Great Ocean Road or Bellarine Peninsula.