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Geelong City Dining

Dining in the City

If you are hungry, well Geelong is the place to be. We have some great dining. Not only do we have some of the freshest local produce at our doorstep we have some very innovative chefs and cooks serving up some amazing meals. We have something for all tastes and budgets from a simple pizza or burger right up to gourmet international menus. The biggest problem is the choice, whether it be fresh seafood, juicy steak, fragrant Thai, hot and spicy Indian or a simple pub counter meal.

City Pub Meals


Fancy a schnitzel and a pot, well Geelong pubs are the place for a great cheap pub meal. The menus are pretty good and there's always a special or two on the board.…Read more

Geelong's Top Ten Pub Meals

pub meal

The Intown Team have been out and about trying some of the Geelong regions best pub meals, here is our top ten. We would love to hear your thoughts drop us a line on Facebook or Twitter. …Read more

Chinese and Asian Dining


The Chicken Rolls and Dim Sims of the Tien Wah and Golden Vine are now just a distant memory, today Geelong has a new breed of Chinese and Asian inspired restaurant bringing new array dishes and flavors to the city. …Read more

Japanese Dining


Theres much more to Japanese dining than raw fish and seaweed. Japanese food is delicious and Geelong has some great choices. …Read more

Thai Dining


Thai food is full of flavour and fragrance, coconut, chilli and lime. Geelong has some supurb Thai dining options with all the flavours both traditional to the modern from this wonderful South East Asian country. …Read more

Indian Dining

Geelong has some amazing Indian restaurants featuring rich curries from all parts of India. The flavours are complex but need not be hot. The number of Indian restaurants popping up in Geelong is testament to how great this food tastes. …Read more