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Geelong Library & Heritage Centre

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After nearly two years of construction and a budget of $45.5 million dollars the state of the art Geelong Library and Heritage Centre opened in Johnstone Park on the 20th of November 2015.


The magnificent dome shaped building would fit proudly in any major city around the world. Its stunning architectural features featuring massive curved hexagon tiled roof and concertina glass walls have become a stand out feature on the Geelong skyline of late.

Inside the building the design is just as breath taking, strong colours, expansive space with plenty of light and a magnificent view of Johnstone Park and Geelong’s emerging arts precinct.

The library has not been designed to be a quiet and dull place like so many traditional libraries. This library is vibrant, interactive and has plenty of places to explore, play and enjoy the space. There are beautiful designed quiet spaces, amazing furnishings and lots of interesting spaces where you can do your own thing, relax and read a book, research on the many interactive computers or kick back on a bean bag or play with your friends.

The centre has video walls, play area, research rooms and a large theatre, function centre and cafe. There are some amazing balconies overlooking the park and the latest in digital technology.

The library occupies the first three levels of the six level complex. The Geelong Heritage Centre is located on the third floor and has a wealth of information on Geelong’s past. Level 4 is dedicated to administration while the 5th floor is called the High Ground. Or Wurdi Youang, and features just that the mighty You Yangs in the centre of the plains. A stunning view of Corio Bay to the north of the city. This floor will fast become Geelong’s most popular major events space. The space as equally stunning to the view with a beautiful red hexagon tiled roof highlighted with Led technology..


The Geelong Library and Heritage Center can be found in Little Malop Street Geelong, in Johnstone Park. The Library is open every day, with the Geelong Heritage Centre opening Tuesday to Saturday.