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Geelong Museum of Motoring & Industry

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UPDATE:  FEB 2017 The Geelong Museum of Motoring and Industry has closed at the Mackay Street site and is currently finalizing plans for a brand new location – Details will be announced shortly.


Located in one of the historic Federal Mill buildings in Mackay Street, North Geelong, the Geelong Museum of Motoring and Industry features a wonderful collection of vehicles and memorabilia that celebrate the motor vehicle and Geelong’s decades of involvement in the manufacturing industry.

Opening in Late 2014 the museum gained some of its interesting collection of vehicles and artefacts from the former Ford Discovery Centre that closed on Geelong’s waterfront in 2012. The centre’s trust also helped kick start the museum with a considerable donation of money.

Geelong Motoring Museum

Ran by a dedicated team of volunteers the museum, is a community project and will feature an ever changing display of vehicles and other items. It is hoped the museum will become a hub for car enthusiasts, and people with an interests in the era of the motor vehicle. A place where people can meet and celebrate the cultural impact vehicles have had on the world.

The museum features an extensive collection of unique vehicles including trucks, tractors, bikes and cars, vintage equipment. There are cut down vehicles and components, some fascinating artwork and plenty of interesting displays that are planned to be changed on a regular basis.

The museum is expected to grow and become one of Geelong’s more popular tourist drawcards over the coming years and is hoping the Geelong community will get behind this new exciting venture, in patronage, loans, and donations of vehicles and artefacts volunteer work at the museum.

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