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Geelong Region Breweries

With the current popularity of designer beers, we thought we should do a page on local Geelong beers. We have some fine breweries and a few other options around to get that perfect beer. Like our region’s wine makers, our brewers are also gaining public and critical acclaim with some great beers.

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Bellarine Brewing Co.

On the rolling hills of the Bellarine Peninsula is one of the Geelong regions newest brewery. Part of one of the states finest wineries, Bellarine Estate’s Bellarine Brewing Co has a fantastic selection of local beers. Their range includes a bitter called Bellarine Bitter, two great ales, Queenscliff Ale, The Heads Ale, A pilsner called Port Pilsner, Lonsdale Lager and a dark rich stout called Mussel Stout. All bottled with lovely heritage labels, this beer is becoming very popular in local restaurants and is getting a name for itself as a quality range of beers around the country.

Southern Bay Brewing Co

Brewed on the banks of Corio Bay along Point Henry Road in Moolap. Southern Bay Brewing Co has a tasty suite of products like Requiem Pilsner, Southern Ocean Ale, Southern Bay Draught and an IPA that is known as Hop Bazooka. The brewery has long been known as a contract brewery, so it’s possible that a beer you may think comes from up the road is produced right here in Geelong.

Otway Estate

Otway Estate is another winery that has expanded into beer brewing. Their brewery / winery is at Barongarook which is about 10 minutes out of Colac. Otway Estate brew under the name Prickly Moses, their great echidna label is easy to spot at your local restaurant or liquor outlet. The brewery makes quite a range of beers including IPA, Ales, Pilsners, Wheat Beer and Stout. Otway Estate always has a few special seasonal beers available which don’t last long as they are always superb. Otway Estate pops up at a few of the best festivals in our region during the year so stop by and give their great beer a try next time you see them.

Forrest Brewing Company

Only an hour from Geelong in the beautiful Otway hinterland is the small township of Forrest, home to the Forrest Brewing Company. This brewer has taken over the old general store and turned it into a pretty funky dining room with great food and some beautiful beers. They have four regular brews a stout, Irish Red, Silvertop which is a light bodied beer with a big and aromatic flavour and a delicious pale ale. Using fresh Otway waters and fresh ingredients the brewery is able to make some very unique and tasty beers. They have both tap and bottled beer available so drop past for a pleasant afternoon and pick up a selection of their finest for later.

Little Creatures

The Fremantle based Little Creatures recently purchased the huge former Valley Worsted Mills complex on the corner of Swanston and Fyans Streets, South Geelong. The company spent $60m on the development that now produces most of their beer for the eastern side of Australia in Geelong. The brewery has created hundreds of jobs for Geelong, not only in transforming the historic old red brick building into a brewery but by working in the brewery and their beer hall. Little Creatures make a wide range of beers branded under the Little Creatures and also White Rabbit brands, the latter is brewed in Healesville. The Little Creatures group is owned by Lion Nathan who are part of the huge Japanese Kirin group. Make sure you look out for their Furphy Ale, it is a new beer that is unique to their Geelong brewery and made with local ingredients. Stop Press; The great news is White Rabbit will be opening a tasting room at the brewery later in 2015. Read More

Odyssey Tavern and Brewery

For lovers of great beer the Odyssey Tavern on the Surf Coast Highway at Mount Duneed just outside of Grovedale is home to a fantastic selection of Australian craft beers. The selection is extensive and there is something for all tastes. Their beer garden is a great place to relax and enjoy a unique fresh beer or two. Recently they have created two of their own beers under the Odyssey brand, a pale ale called Calypso and an Aussie summer ale called Mt. Duneed.

Blackman’s Brewery

Blackman’s Bewery is a brewery and pub located in the seaside resort town of Torquay. This brewery is styled like many brew pubs sweeping the USA, offering the freshest of beer and great food. As well as having staple beers including a golden ale, unfiltered lager and a wheat beer they also brew seasonal beers. The venue has a great beer garden and often has live music and even public brew days. Blackman’s Brewery is located in Bell Street just down from the Torquay Hotel.

Cockies Brewery

Another newcomer on the Geelong beer scene is Cockies from Barrabool Hills  Their first offering was a delicious Cockies Ocean Road Pale Ale a 4.7% and in June of 2015 they opened their brand new brewery in Balliyang Street South Geelong. (East of Swanston Street)  They have a tasting room that is open (at the time of writing) between 4:00 PM and 6:00 PM Monday to Friday.  They now have a few new beers and Cockies is available at some selected bottleshops, pubs and restaurants throughout the region.  Look out for the cockatoo on the label.

Pettival Road Brewing Co.

Another newcomer to the Geelong brew scene is Pettavel Road Brewing. This beer is produced by the Mt Duneed Estate formerly the Hill Winery. The brewery is specializing in small batches in a variety of styles so expect some very exciting brews over he coming months as they get fully established.

Geelong beers


Perhaps you don’t want to drink someone else’s beer and you want to drink your own, well the best way to do it is see the boys down at Brew4u in South Geelong. They have a microbrewery where you are the head brewer. You pick the beer you would like to brew from one of nearly 100 varieties, get the recipe book out and start adding your ingredients. Then it goes into storage to ferment and two weeks later you return to bottle or can it. It’s just so easy and tastes great. No mess and a fantastic quality beer. The only problem is choosing which beer you want to brew first.

Geelong Brew Supplies

Maybe you want to turn your shed or laundry into your own brew house, well The Geelong Brew Shop on the corner of McKillop Street and Bellarine Streets is the place for you to get your supplies. A huge array of brew kits, beer styles and all the friendly help you could ever want.

Wallington WRG

For what is probably the biggest range of home brewery supplies head to the Wallington WRG in Grub Road in the heart of the Bellarine Peninsula. They stock everything you could ever need including a monstrous range of equipment and brew supplies for the simple hobbyist right up the the serious mirco brewery.