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Geelong’s Floating Christmas Tree

Geelong’s stunning floating Christmas Tree has generated a lot of controversy right from the original concept of the project. The tree was chosen from a selection of proposals from designers and architects. Standing at 25 metres the tree is covered with 11,000 reflective metallic discs that look stunning in daylight and at night when it is lit with an array of colour from large light projectors situated at the base of the structure. The tree also contains huge stars that are back lit with some LED technology.

Origanlly budgeted to cost around around a million dollars to build, erect and maintain over five years. The plan also included making the structure taller each year but severe cost blowouts, council infighting and problems with contracts nearly threatened it’s 2015 display and kept the tree at the original 25 metres, at least for the 2015 season, that has been budgeted at $330,000.

All the controversy and the concerns about cost are soon forgotten once the tree is switched on each year, the sight is spectacular, and the tree is drawing visitors from not only locally but from far and wide.

The tree is moored on a special barge in the middle of Steampacket Quay. Every night a synchronized music and light show delights thousands of visitors.

The programable lighting effects were even modified to show blue, white and red as a tribute to Paris after their terrorist attacks, making for a stunning and moving sight.

The tree is also the focal point for Geelong’s New Years Eve fireworks. Where thousands flock to see the tree infront of a spectacular backdrop of colour.

The tree has received world wide attention appearing on many news and current affair stories around the world.