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Geelong’s original owners are the Wathaurong People who called the bay “Jillong” and surrounding land “Corayo”. The name Jillong has a meaning similar to “a place of the sea bird over the white cliffs”. Somehow we got it mixed up and now call the land Geelong and the bay Corio.

Geelong History

Geelong’s early prosperity came from the sheep’s back. Later manufacturing became an important industry with Ford and International Harvester playing a major role. Today tourism and services are taking the town forward to new prosperity. …Read more

Historic Photos

Take a nostalgic journey through our historic photo gallery, which has some interesting shots of Geelong and region as it once looked. …Read more

Regional Towns History

Our regional towns are rich in history, much of our region was inhabited by the Wathaurong people for centuries before European visitors came to our shores. Many of our towns have maritime tales of shipwreck, exploration and conquering the harsh land. …Read more

National Wool Museum

Wool was the foundation of Geelong’s prosperity and brought much wealth to our town. The National Wool Museum celebrates the hardships and trumps of this natural fibre and its lasting legacy on Australia. …Read more

Naval and Maritime Museum

Geelong being a port city has a rich naval and maritime history and this history is brought to life at the Geelong Naval and Maritime Museum. …Read more

The Old Geelong Gaol

The Geelong Gaol is one of Australia’s most notorious and has many a tale to tell. The cold bluestone walls hold many memories of a time when our penal system was harsh and unforgiving. …Read more

Cement Works Retirees Museum

The Geelong Cement Works Retirees Museum is a bit of a hidden attraction, open every Sunday it features a broad collection of artifacts, not only decades of heritage from the works itself but displays on just about anything. It is really worth a visit. …Read more

Geelong Tram History

Geelong once had a large tram network that was the envy of many other regional towns across Australia. Since their demise in 1956, many of Geelong’s residents have lamented their lost …Read more

Geelong Pub & Nightclub History

Geelong has had an ever changing thriving pub and nightclub scene, we take a look back at some of the names from the past few decades which are no longer with us. …Read more

City by the Bay 1981

Released to the public in November 1981 the City by the Bay concept was the most amazing planning concept ever devised for Geelong and caught the imagination of the entire region. …Read more

Bay Link 1988

A rethink and new concept called The Bay Link was launched in 1989. Not as ambitious, but more realistic to the failed City by the Bay concept and it re-floated some old ideas with a few new twists and added some exciting new visions for the precinct. …Read more

Steam Packet Place 1995

Baylink put a few pegs in the ground, but wasn’t quiet right and didn’t quiet make it. But the third go was successful and Steampacket Place was born using quiet a few ideas from the earlier two plans and a big injection of cash. …Read more