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Our top picks – New Asian dining in Geelong

 There’s been plenty of new Asian styled restaurants and cafes opening up around Geelong, here are a few of our favorites.  These suggestions are unsolicited and not paid editorials. They are places in our region that the Intown team think have something unique or special to offer both locals and visitors to our region.


YangJi Dumplings

Located next to Telstra in Ryrie Street a few doors to the east of Moorabool Street JangJi Dumplings is Geelong’s first dumpling bar. Here you can not only taste some delicious dumplings and steamed buns, but you can watch them being freshly made in the window. The cafe is tiny and can can get a little steamy from the dumplings cooking but the food is delicious.
TDOK is a tiny Korean Fried Chicken cafe located in central Geelong between the Geelong Advertiser and Jokers in Ryrie Street. As well as having some of the best fried chicken in Geelong they have an amazing Korean chicken burger, a range of rices, soups and some delicious bulgogi steak and home made kimchi. The cafe is licenced and features some hard to find Korean beers and soft drinks.
Legga Korean BBQ
Korean food seems to be one of the flavors of the moment and Legga Korean brings Korean BBQ to Geelong. Located in the old Sun Bo building in Gheringhap Street next to Focus Five Legga has tables where you cook your own succulent meats and vegetables over a grill. There are choices of beef, pork and chicken and a range of tasty Korean sauces making it on of the more popular of the new breed of restaurants in our city.

 Tomodachi Izakaya & Bar 

Located in our new restaurant strip in Little Malop Street Tomodachi is Geelong’s first Izakaya bar offering a tasty range of Japanese style dishes and authentic service.  The menu features some plenty of Japanese treats including Okonomiyaki octopus balls, Karaage Chicken, and some fantastic grilled meats on stick plus a   great choice of bento on their lunch menu.   The small cafe is licenced with a good choice of Japanese beers, wines and sake.

Sober Ramen
For an authentic pork ramen noodle head to Little Malop street and experience the fraguent and delicious range of soups and noodles.  The Tsukemen and char grilled pork belly is simply delicious and there are a range of stocks including dashi, soy and pork based. Sober Ramen also stocks good range of sake and Japanese beers to help wash down the ramen.
Wah Wah Gee
Is located on the end of Cunningham pier with sweeping views of our waterfront and Corio Bay. This vibrant cafe has a menu that is modern menu inspired by the tasty flavours of the orient with delicious dumplings, soups, crisp salad and other treats. They also have a fantastic cocktail list with many served in Mason jars.