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Our top picks – Drinks in Little Malop St & its lanes

Little Malop Steet is the heart of central Geelong’s entertainment and dining scene.  Here are a few of our favorites.  These suggestions are unsolicited and not paid editorials. They are places in our region that the Intown team think have something unique or special to offer both locals and visitors to our region.


Beavs has been one of Geelong’s best and most vibrant bars for over a decade. Located in its iconic blue stone building with red doors at the James and Little Malop Street T intersection Beavs has function space and a big floor space filled with lots of Granny’s couches, vintage artifacts and some unique and quirky items. Most nights you will find great live music and with long well stocked bars its easy to get served making for a great night.



Captain is funky outdoor bar and another of our city’s hidden gems tucked behind the There There restaurant and with the overbearing concrete walls of the civic car park bearing down upon it. Made from shipping creates, recycled timber and metal, bus seats and a caravan for a bar Captain has a fun vibrant atmosphere. There are usually some great tunes playing and they have a good selection of canned and bottled beer and other beverages.


Blackman’s Brewery 

Located in Dennys Place tucked in behind Beavs Bar Blacman’s Beer Bar is a small bar featuring the fantastic beers brewed at Blacman’s Brewery in Torquay. Blackman’s has become known for its fantastic beer most with mens names, theres Reginald the IPA, Ernie the Golden Ale, Arthur the Smoked Port and Bob the German Wit just to name a few. As well as the bar which is housed in a old restored warehouse there’s a small outside area where you can enjoy the fresh air.

The Workers Club Geelong

The Worker’s Club is a bar branched from the very popular Fitzroy Workers Club and like its Melbourne partner it also features live music, great beer and tasty food. Inside the venue things are pretty casual and  stripped back with open ceilings, bare cement floors and rustic brick walls. The menu has a smokey US flavour with succulent BBQ brisket, ribs and other delicious treats. Geelong’s Workers Club can be found next to the currently closed Eureka and accessed via the lane between the two buildings.

Geelong Cellar Door

In the seventies this building was a dreary old rundown place housing a pet shop  and a bakery but boy have things changed now is is one of Geelong’s most stylish historic buildings. Fully restored while keeping its rustic and run down charm the building now houses the boutique Geelong Cellar Door a sophisticated and beautiful tasting place where some of the best wines, craft beers and other beverages can be enjoyed among the beautiful decor and cellar. The venue also a great outdoor area shared with adjoining venues and they have some incredible platters with pate, cured meats and cheese to enjoy with your wines.

Pistol Petes

If you want great live blues music and the most delicious cajan and southern US food this side of Louisiana well Pistol Petes is the place for you. Located in the Little Malop Street entertainment strip Pistol Petes has a great selection beers including a range of craft beers from the US that are rarely seen anywhere else. The Food is amazing, hot, spicy and full of flavour, fried chicken, burgers, gumbo, po boys, pulled pork, maple syrup and waffles the list goes on.


The 18th Amendment Bar

Located on the top floor agjacent to Dennys Lane in Little Malop Street the 18th Amendment bar celebrates the days of Prohibition the bar specalises in cocktails and drinks from the era when booze was banned throughout the USA and illegal speakeasy bars opened up under the cover from the law. Furnished in decor depicting the glamour and elegance of the time the bar has fast become one of Geelong’s special places for a great night out.