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Ocean Grove – Fishing

The Ocean Grove area offers probably the most diverse fishing experiences in the Geelong region. Ocean Grove adjoins the Barwon River near Barwon Heads and benefits from both river sea fishing. The Barwon River at Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads is salt water, as it comes from the salty lake Connewarre.

ocean grove fishing

Mullaways are the prized catch of this region of the Barwon, while downstream of the bridge whiting, snapper and mullet are caught from the Barwon Heads jetty.

Boats out from the heads catch various species of shark, snapper, barracoutta and salmon. Fishermen on the surf beach regularly catch salmon, silver trevally and good size luderick.

Ocean Grove fishing

Ocean Grove is only minutes away from the family attractions of Wallington, 20 minutes from historic Queenscliff and 30 minutes from Geelong. Ocean Grove started life as a religious camp, it was set up by the American and Victorian Methodist Churches.