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The Great Otway National park and surrounding towns are some of the most scenic and beautiful parts of Australia. Here ancient and lush rainforests with tall timber, huge fern gullies and waterfalls, heath lands and the rugged cliffs and spectacular coastline of Bass Strait…


The magnificent Otways are home to some of Australia’s most spectacular temperate rainforests, fern gullies, waterfalls and bushland. The area includes beautiful seaside resorts, quaint little forest towns and lush dairy producing farmland. There are many quaint towns with rich history to visit and are all in easy reach to the Great Ocean Road and Geelong and Western District. …Read more


Activities are as good as your imagination, there is just so much to do. Picnic amongst the tall timber, walk the pristine beaches, Follow an old timber trail or just kick back and relax at one of the many boutique cafes and restaurants serving the freshest of locally grown cuisine. …Read more


The Otways became a major source of timber for the growing colony over 150 years ago. Today timber is still an important industry and much of it is harvested from pine plantations which dot the rolling hills. Over the years the forest has suffered through serious fires including the Ash Wednesday fires of 1983 but regrowth is fast and the forest survives. …Read more

Places to Stay

Accommodation choices are as varied as the landscape, there’s hotels, motels, quaint bed and breakfasts, small luxury hotels, apartments, houses to rent and plenty of great camping facilities. …Read more


The Great Otway National Park stretches from just south of Anglesea right down to the Cape Otway below Apollo Bay. The park hugs the Great Ocean Road and travels inland towards the rich farming areas of the Western District. …Read more


Many of the attractions are natural with incredible forests and scenery. There are some amazing sights to see. Visit the lighthouses, the forestry communities or walk the amazing Otway Fly high above the rainforest or hike to some of the most beautiful waterfalls you will ever see. …Read more

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The Otways has a vegetation, to the east coastal heathlands and open woodlands with tea tree and eucalypt are common but as you head westerly the forest becomes thicker, the timber higher with towering myrtle beech and magnificent tall tree ferns. A truly spectacular sight. …Read more


Whether it be fishing for trout and bream in the streams and rivers or fishing off the rugged coastline of the Great Ocean Road you are in for some good fishing. There are so many choices and so many things to catch. …Read more

Did you Know

The Otways National park has some amazing wildlife including Grey Kangaroos, Koala, Swamp Wallabies, Koalas, Ring-tailed Possums and Tiger Quoll there are even Yellow-bellied Gliders possums and some of Australia's most beautiful parrots and reptiles.