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Fishing around St Leonards

The St. Leonards and Indented Head region of the Bellarine Peninsula are fine fishing grounds.
St Leonards pier is a favorite for anglers with good catches of squid and snapper being reported. October and November are the best two months to fish off the pier.


The St Leonards boat ramp offers easy access to boat owners wishing to fish the shallow protected grounds of the nearby Swan Bay.

Swan bay offers an abundance of species with flathead, garfish, whiting and snapper being popular catches. The shallow waters are safe breeding grounds for many species.

Sharks are another regular catch in the area with a variety of species being caught.

Boat users should be aware of the rock outcrops in much of the shallow areas around Indented Head and St Leonards. The Ozone paddle steamer wreck in Indented Head’s Half Moon Bay should be a reminder of the damage rocks can cause to boats.

The townships are made up of many holiday homes and a large proportion of retired people who have come to the area for fresh air and a quieter life. The local St Leonards bowling club football club and golf course are a thriving activities for many of the locals.


Salt lagoons and the St Leonards lake and adjoining reserve backing onto Swan Bay ensure an abundance of native bird life, from grass parrots, finches, native wrens and sea birds.

Fishing is a favorite pastime in the area with many boat ramps and piers close by.