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2013 Portarlington Mussel Festival Gallery


The 2013 Portarlington Mussel Festival attracted a crowd in the vicinity of 20,000 for a day of food, music and fun overlooking Port Phillip Bay.

The festival celebrates the delicious blue mussel one of the jewels from our bay. The mussel high in protein, low in fat is renowned by many of the top restaurants as being one of the region’s finest seafoods.

The huge family event was around twice as big as previous years and was full of great entertainment including buskers and many popular local performers including Soul Sister Swing and Hip Cats.  For the kids Dazzling Day had a trick or two up his sleeve and the animal farm was a firm favourite for many, as was the face painting and the Krazykoala Kids Puppet Show.

For the food lovers there was a huge array of choices with a wide range of international cuisine on offer, but for most it was straight to the mussel stands to enjoy the delicious fresh shell fish.

Out on the Portarlington Pier the Enterprise Tall Ship took on passengers while many visited the mussel farm boats to purchase boxes of mussels for their enjoyment back at home, many planning to use some of the tasty recipes they learnt at the various cooking demonstrations they visited during the day.

Once again the Portarlington Mussel Festival has been a great day, and we are looking forward to the 2014 Event, stay tuned to the Intown events guide for dates as they come to hand.