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2003 Australian International Airshow


The 2003 Australian International Airshow’s theme celebrated the Centenary of Powered Flight, and in what style with over 600 aircraft taking part in the airshow. There were historic aircraft, replicas and some of the latest state of the art jets and planes spanning military, commercial, airline and private use.

One highlight of modern aircraft was the Airbus Super Transporter or Beluga as it is known today. This aircraft is a modified version of an A300-600 wide-body airliner so it can carry huge aircraft parts. It got its name the Beluga from its huge hideous looks and party due to the fact its smaller predecessors were known as the Super Guppies.

Once again the first days of the show were trade days and they attracted thousands of industry and governmental visitors from around the world looking at the latest in aerospace. The gates opened to the public on Friday afternoon and they were treated to an amazing night of flying which was capped off with the wall of fire and F1-11 fuel dump fly past.

Saturday and Sunday brought thousands of families who enjoyed a wonderful day among the static aircraft displays or watching the thrilling flying shows overhead.