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2007 Australian International Airshow


Over 1,000 aircraft participated in the 2007 Airshow dubbed “Breaking the Barriers”, as it was the 60th anniversary of the breaking of the sound barrier by special guest Chuck Yeager. This year also marked the the 60th year of the United States Air Force and was celebrated with a huge display both flying and static from the US Air force including their massive B-52 bombers.

The first few days of the show were dedicated to trade, with thousands of visitors from the aviation industry coming to Avalon to seen and learn about the latest in aviation. Many of the world’s leading names in aviation, military and aerospace were  showing their latest products and competing for sales with governments, airlines and the like.

Friday afternoon saw the first of the three public days and what a spectacular day it was with the night flying demonstrations, fireworks and bombing raids. The F-111 fuel dump was the highlight of the night as it lit up the night sky in a thrilling finale to the days flying.

Thousands flocked Saturday and Sunday for more incredible flying from and a chance to get up real close to some incredible aircraft including walking through some of the world’s biggest military transporters, jet liners and even meeting some of the pilots and crew.