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2014 All Holden Day

Like the remaining other two Australian automotive manufactures the last twelve months hasn’t brought happy news to Holden, but all that will be put aside on the 1st of March when Holden fans come together to celebrate the brand and more happier times at the 2014 Geelong All Holden Day.

Geelong All Holden Day

The 2014 event marks the 10th annual event and once again it will be held at the Geelong Showgrounds in East Geelong. As you will see from our decade of photo galleries this event has grown from a small car show in Ford enemy territory to one of the premier motoring events in the Geelong region, always putting on a fantastic day.

Ran and organised by the Geelong FX – HX Holden Car Club the event attracts hundreds of vehicles spanning the entire span of Holden and also brings plenty of great American muscle or extravagance with a exciting range of Chevy’s , Pontiac’s and the ever popular Cadillac.

Although there will be plenty of US muscle and many of Holden’s imported range on display, it is the Aussie made Holden’s that steal the show with a wonderful range of vehicles including Commodores, Kingswoods, Belmonts, Statesmans, Monaros and the like in every variation, sedans, utes, coupes and wagons.  Many of the vehicles on display will look as good as they did when they left the Holden dealer, some even better , but there is sure to be some that have been modified beyond belief with exotic paint jobs, interesting body kits and some pretty impressive mechanical enhancements.

The All Holden Day is a fantastic family friendly event with plenty of fun for the young, with jumping castles, rides and plenty of tasty fairground style food.   The show will also feature a huge trade site where you can purchase a range of products including Holden models, signs, books and other memorabilia plus plenty of vehicle and auto accessories.

Geelong All Holden Day

The 2014 All Holden Day starts at 9:30 AM and runs through to 4:30 PM on the 1st of March. For more information and details about displaying your vehicle at the event visit