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2014 Color Me Rad – Geelong

Inspired by the Holi Festival of India, Color Me Rad was started by a group of friends in the USA who decided to make running more fun by bringing colour, music and a total disregard for the mundane to the sport.

Colour me rad 5k

This event has swept worldwide with over a million runners participating in events throughout the USA, Europe, UK, Asia and South America. Now its Australia’s turn with Geelong front and centre of the action.

The Geelong event takes place on the 8th of March 2014 at Deakin University in Waurn Ponds. The day will see a spectacular blaze of colour as bombs and cannons of dyed cornstarch are dropped on competitors. Quickly clean skin and clothes will turn a exotic mix of technicolour shades as the colour, red, purple, blue, green powder gets into every nook and cranny of the runner.

The colours used are both environmentally safe and safe for the body, being just dyed cornstarch, although they might take a little time to wash off, but thats part of the fun. Another fun side effect of the event might be the sneezing coloured spray for a few days – sure to entertain your friends and work colleagues.

Competiton is open to both individuals and teams, the whole idea is to get participation and have a fantastic time while enjoying a 5 kilometre race and turning rainbow coloured. Each section of the race sees a bit more colour shot at competitors before being drenched at the finish line with a kaleidoscope of colour. The atmosphere should be electric and heaps of fun there will be DJ’s playing beats as competitors get drenched in colour soon forgetting they are on a 5 kilometre run.

Colour Me Rad 5K

Visit the official Color Me Rad 5 K website at and register yourself or a team. Not only should this event be a lot of fun it raises money for much needed community programs throughout the Geelong region.