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2014 Gallery

The second installment of FIGMENT comes to Geelong on the weekend of March 21 and 22, 2014 in what promises to be an interesting and stimulating event full of colour, inspiration and art.


The event started in New York in 2007 and since then has swept the word with Geelong joining in for the first time last year.
Again the event will be held in Johnstone Park which will be transformed into a free, participatory family friendly art experience for the entire community. The parkland removed the barriers often associated with art in museums and galleries and will help blur the lines between what is art, and what isn’t.

The event will have something for everyone but everyone’s experience will be different. People will take different things out of the festival and some people will even be the art with the festival inviting all sorts of arts from interactive installations to participatory performance, games, costuming, activities, sound, workshops and anything else you can dreamed up. The only rules are no corporate sponsorship and no trace should be left after the event.

This year the event covers the Friday evening and Saturday. The Friday will feature some clever projection and luminescent works in the park kicking off at 6:00 PM.

The Saturday’s events start and 10:00 AM and run through until 6:00 PM with a whole day of different installation and performances planned. One interesting and probably confronting installation to many will be a piece of art inspired by New York artist Andy Warhol who once mentioned he would like the word Figment on his gravestone. Here brave participants can lie in a coffin and write their own gravestone.


FIGMENT Geelong is a grassroots effort organized and run entirely by volunteers, it is hoped other cities around Australia will jump on board and hold their own FIGMENT festivals like New York, Detroit, Boston, Jackson, Toronto, Chicago, Washington DC and Geelong have.

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