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2014 Monster Truck Spectacular

The Geelong Showgrounds will be the place to be on Saturday the 29th of March for some thrilling adrenaline pumping action when the Monster Trucks return for a spectacular event.

The Monster Trucks show performed last performed in Geelong two years ago and have been touring not only Australia but the overseas with sell out shows in front of thousands of fans. So expect a great night of family entertainment, with a huge new program jam packed high flying demolition and plenty of surprizes.

Monster Trucks Geelong

Returning to Geelong will be American monster truck driver Kreg Christensen. Kreg is regarded as the world’s best monster truck driver and has been refining his craft for over two decades. He drives a massive four tonne, 1500 horse power monster truck and throws it around like a small car. Kreg can make the machine do just about anything, dance, jump obstacles and he’s pretty good at squashing a few too. When watching his show you come to realise the truck is in the air nearly as much as it has four wheels on the ground.

Kreg not only drives the truck but he is the man behind it, he built the beast and keeps it in top shape, which is a mighty task.
Scooby Doo is another favourite truck coming to the event. This huge truck has a body that looks like Scooby Doo’s head complete with eyes, tongue and other features- the kids just love it.

Raptor Rampage will also be coming and will play a great role in the two and a half hour spectacular, this stunning green truck takes the form of a dinosaur and has a reptilian skin body, mean eyes and a dangerous looking mouth full of teeth.

There will be a FMX freestyle display that will keep the crowd on the edge of their seats as they perform death defying stunts from metal ramp to metal ramp jumping a breathtaking 75 foot gap.

A jet powered vehicle known as the Mystery Machine a vehicle made from a Russian Viper Jet engine that pumps out an amazing 2500 horsepower will also thrill crowds with the raw power of its after burn and sonic boom.

The Monster Truck Spectacular will finish a team of monster trucks out performing and out squashing each over before an incredible fireworks display that will light up the night sky and bring an end to what is sure to be a fantastic day.

Geelong Monster Trucks

Those visiting get there early because there is a pit party before the show where you can get up close to the monster trucks, bikes and meet some of the drivers

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Images courtesy of EMT the management company for this event