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2015 Geelong This Christmas

even bigger celebration of joy for the festive season.

The world famous floating Christmas Tree is back looking more spectacular than ever, this year the tree returns with new music and a new smoke and light spectacular. This tree is attracting thousands of visitors every night, it is not to be missed.

The floating Christmas Tree isn’t the only spectacular tree in Geelong. The area out side the Rhiengold and Cuban on the entrance to Malop Street has a beautiful 5 metre tree and Market Square Mall has over 20 beautiful trees that have been designed and decorated by 24 of the regions primary schools. These trees are fantastic, full of vibrancy and colour brightening up the usually dull and drab city mall.

The Geelong City Hall is another must see this Christmas, the usual grey facade is transformed into a Christmas wonderland every evening when a huge projector show displays some incredible animations and images. Visitors are memorized as the halls columns turn into candles, and snow forms on the window sills before dozens of other effects take place.

Melbourne’s Myer Christmas Windows has been a favorite destination for generations of families. Now the Joy has spread to Geelong with some wonderful scenes bringing joy to Myer’s Malop Street store. This the windows tell the story of Russel the sheep and his Christmas Magic.

The new Cantenary Lights on the corner of Malop and Moorabool Streets have also been given a Christmas theme. Each evening these lights are lit in the Christmas colours of red, green and white.

Many of of the city shops and shopping centres have also got in on the infectious Christmas Spirit with wonderful decorations and activities. Both Westfield and Market Square have incredible Christmas trees and you can even catch up with Santa and put in your Christmas wish- have you been naughty or nice?

Merry Christmas from the Intown Team, and all the best for 2016!