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11th – 17th May 2015

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Sunday 17th May 2015
Million Paws Walk
Hundreds of doggies and their owners will lap the Eastern Park Circuit as part of the annual Million Paws Walk for the RSPCA. The event is one of several walks being held around Victoria to raise awareness and funds for this most worthy cause. The walk kicks off at 10:00 AM around the BBQ area to the north of the Geelong Botanical Gardens. Registrations and more information can be found here


Sunday 17th May 2015
Geeelong Star Fishing Trawler Protest
We don’t usually get involved and promote political actions, but this story is very important to many in our community and we believe this is something the people of Geelong should be aware of, and hopefully get behind. The Geelong Star is a huge fishing trawler that is currently fishing in our waters after a government ban was recently lifted. In its few short weeks of operation out of Geelong this vessel has has not only caught tons, and tons of fish, it has caught and killed seals, dolphins and other unsuspecting sea creatures. This is not only hurting the creatures of our ocean but the sheer size of its payload is threatening our recreational fishing and existing professional fishing industry who have operated in our waters for decades on a much smaller and more sustainable scale. The rally will take place at the Carousel from 12:00 PM, in a hope that governments and authorities will listen and ban this style of fishing from our oceans forever.