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2014 Chryslers by the Bay

The extravagant fins and the pure muscle of one of one of the auto industry’s great marquees return to the magnificent lawns of the Geelong Grammar School on Sunday the 9th of March for the 2014 Chryslers by the Bay.
Chryslers By The Bay


The highlight of the event will be many of the incredible products the company produced during the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s when style, with and power were more important than the things we value today like fuel economy, comfort and even safety.  Chrysler along with their brand names names of Dodge, and Plymouth, during this period became synonymous with the excesses of the time featuring so much chrome and expanses of highly stylised sheet metal, curvy and often enormous horsepower.

With the end of auto manufacturing bearing down on Australia, it is often overlooked Chrysler was an auto manufacturer in Australia, only ceasing manufacturing in 1980, before Mitsubishi took over much of their facilities. Their thirty years of manufacturing produced some incredible automobiles that’s names and folklore are embedded into Australia’s history and culture including the Valliant and the mighty Charger, one of the 70’s most iconic vehicles.

The blue Pentastar of Chrysler was missing from the Australian scene for a a few years but it returned in the mid 1990’s with Jeep followed by a range of vehicles that didn’t really set the Australian motoring scene on fire. But their rejuvenation after their financial problems in the USA has seen the brand bounce back with an exciting range of products, and now names like Jeep, Cherokee, 300C and Dodge are vehicles that are on the top of many vehicle shopping lists in this country.

This event is so much more than a classic show and shine, it is a celebration of all things Chrysler, and will feature vehicle s from all eras of the company’s century plus existence right up to the latest Jeeps and 300Cs. The day will feature a wonderful swap meet and there will be food and lots of other fun including activities for the kids.


The event is ran and organised by the Bay City Chrysler Club and over the years this event has become one of the staple quality motoring events in the Geelong region. It has raised thousands of dollars supporting Queenscliff’s Cottage by the Sea.

The day starts at 8:00 AM and runs through until 2:00 PM. The Geelong Grammar School can be found on the northern shoreline of Corio Bay on Foreshore Road in Corio.