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2015 Australian International Airshow

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The Australian International Airshow returns to the skies over Avalon Airport in an incredible week bringing the latest in aerospace and defence technology together in what will be the Geelong region’s biggest event in 2015.



The Airshow happens every second year and has been held at Avalon since 1992 bringing both a huge public event to our area and a high tech Aerospace and Defence exposition attracting visitors and business from around the globe.

This year’s event runs between the 24th of February and March 1st, with the public days being Friday the 27th of February through to the 1st of March.
This year the theme will centre around the 100th year of the ANZAC’s landing in Gallipoli with an amazing array of historic war-birds and some incredible battle recreations set to be highlights of the event.

The skies over Avalon Airfield will see a thrilling simulated dog fight featuring around 16 historic World War I bombers.

This year there will be several re-enactments to commemorate World War I, including a authentic simulated battle, complete with trenches and period costuming. The Battle of Brellos Pass that took place in Greece in 1941 will also be recreated and will feature German and Australian artillery including German Panzer tanks. There will be a Light Horse Museum showing some amazing artefacts and a fully decked out field hospital.

Classic World War II aircraft taking part in flying displays will include the Spitfires, Mustangs and the mighty Kittyhawk. Visitors will also get the rare opportunity to see some of the technological breakthroughs of the 40’s and 50’s jet age with some famous military jets putting on spectacular flying displays. Expect to see Sabres, Meteors and Canberra Bombers showing their incredible thrust and movability.

The show will see some of the latest military hardware including R-22 Raptors, the Super Hornet and the F-16 Viper. As well as the Australian Air force taking place several air forces from around the world including the United States will be bringing some of their aircraft to the show where will have the rare opportunity to get up close to them and see them in action.

Some of the military’s biggest aircraft will also be static and flying during the weekend. Expect get up close to the mighty C17 Globetrotter and C-130J Hercules, some of the most versatile and hardest working aircraft ever built.

The show will feature stunt planes, parachutists, the amazing Salto 101 glider, helicopters and hundreds of different aircraft spanning over a century of flight. There will also be a collection of racing cars and a huge military hardware exhibition.


For those interested in a military career or entering the aviation or aerospace industry the expo has plenty of information and there will be many people on hand who can give you first-hand accounts and information.

As always the Friday night’s Night Alight spectacular will be one of the highlights of the airshow, with an impressive display of military power and the airfield being lit up with explosions and a wall of fire.