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2017 Australian International Airshow

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The event is split into two parts with the first days being huge aerospace and defence exposition open to the aerospace and defence industry, suppliers and customers from around the world. The event transforms into a public event Friday evening and the weekend and features some incredible displays on the ground and in the air.

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The Airshow runs from Tuesday the 28th of February to Sunday the 5th of March with the public access beginning on Friday March 3rd at 2:00 PM.

Being one of the biggest events in the country the airshow attracts tens of thousands of people to witness some of the latest in aviation and aerospace technology and reminisce about some of the classic machines of yesteryear.

This year the airshow is running with the theme ‘Air Power in Action’ and that’s what the public can expect when some of the most amazing planes and jets take to the sky over Avalon Airfield. People will be able to see some of the Australian Air force’s incredible jet fighters including the F/A-18F Super Hornet, bombers and heavy lifting aircraft. Many Air forces from around the world will also be visiting Avalon including New Zealand and the mighty United States.

There will be many ground displays were visitors have the unique opportunity to get up close to some impressive aircraft, including private jets, helicopters, military and civilian aircraft and it is hoped the airshow will feature a mock up of the F-35A Joint Strike Fighter so we can have an idea on what the future of the Australian Air force looks like.

Visitors will also enjoy several historic recreations around the airfield including mock historic land battles complete with authentic costumes, equipment and artillery.

Friday night features an afternoon and evening flight program that concludes with a spectacular night time display of firepower, fireworks and some incredible special effects in the Friday Night Alight Spectacular, it is not to be missed. Friday’s flying displays start around 2:00 PM and continue through until 9:15 PM.


Saturday and Sunday see flying displays from 10:00 AM to around 4:30 PM. Visitors can expect to see a wonderful collection of historic planes and jets plus the latest in military muscle.