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2013 Figment Geelong

2013 FIGMENT Geelong

Figment is a celebration of the arts that is sure to put Geelong on the world stage. Geelong is the first Figment location outside of the USA and we are in some pretty impressive company with major US cities including New York City, San Diego, Jackson, Boston, Washington DC and Pittsburgh being Figment cities.

Figment Geelong


The event started in New York Harbor on Governors Island back in 2007 and has grown, now with Geelong’s inclusion, globally.

The Geelong event will take place on the weekend of the 23rd and 24th of March 2013 and will centre around the Geelong Arts Precinct of Johnstone Park only a moments walk from the Geelong Railway Station.

The Figment event is free and is ran by a non profit organisation that runs without any corporate sponsorship all with an aim to create social environments that draw inspiration from the community and leaving no trace after the event other than great memories and plenty of photographs of course.

Figment Geelong


The event is sure to bring plenty of confronting and radical artworks and interesting activities ot see and do, visitors should expect the unexpected and be in for some wonderful surprises. There will be sculpture  performance art, sound and video artworks, interactive installations and lots of participatory fun for everyone who visits. This event will inspire and will help build Geelong’s status as one of Australia’s most creative and vibrant cities.